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Police fires tear gas Throughout new wave of’Yellow-vest’ protest in France

Authorities have responded with tear gas following individuals threw projectiles.

Public agitations have been raging on over France since November last year against the increase in gas prices, with tens of thousands of protesters taking to the roads and donning the gilets Jaunes’, the yellow fluorescent vests which have symbolized the motion.

The French government has since rolled back its strategy to improve fuel taxes, together with President Emmanuel Macron declaring a minimum wage increase of 100 euros a month for those folks of the country, as a portion of the”economic and social crisis plan.”

On the other hand, the demonstrators have continued using their protests, which has lasted for 21 straight evenings today. There were calls for Macron’s resignation within his movement.

The Vest protests have claimed the lives of 11 individuals and leftover 2,000 injured, according to the French authorities.

Over 8,000 people have been detained since the demonstrations started and 2,000 others were sent.