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Pompeii to unveil Fresh Stays as it reopens Following COVID-19 lockdown

Italian archaeological website Pompeii is set to reopen after weeks of COVID-19 lockdown — and it is going to now include formerly closed-off places never noticed by the general public.

Its ruins stayed buried beneath tonnes of ash till they had been excavated in the 18th century onwards.

The new-look Pompeii will examine visitors with fever cameras and other amenities to make sure that their post-lockdown safety. There’ll be designated time slots for both one-way and visitors avenues to keep social distancing.

And, being Massimo Osanna, the website’s general manager says, they’ll be permitting access to historical family websites which have not been observed before.

“We’ll open homes that have not been available to the general public,” he explained. “This is quite important.

“The thought was to benefit from the challenging scenario to work for your people and provide them a fresh picture of Pompeii: brand new homes, homes with gardens and open spaces which were closed for quite a while.

“Pompeii doesn’t only signify the identity of the land, but it signifies the European identity”

Ossanna stated Pompeii is more important than ever.

“It has been important for the European civilization as the 18th century and it has to open to each of its citizens”