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Pompeo berated, cursed at NPR reporter Ukraine questions, ” She States

Pompeo was interviewed by NPR correspondent Mary Louise Kelly, who states that he cut the interview short after she pressed him why he has not defended former Amb. Marie Yovanovitch. Yovanovitch has been unceremoniously removed since the ambassador to Ukraine by President Donald Trump and continues to be a principal figure in his impeachment.

Pompeo told that he was there to speak about Iran which he’s defended”each State Department official.” When he asked him to define when he’s defended Yovanovitch especially he stated, “I have said all I’m likely to state” and finished the meeting.

She stated that following the interview finished, Pompeo became miserable, glared at her and left the area with his aides.

The aide shortly returned into the interview area and took her into Pompeo’s living area where he cried and cursed at her,” she explained.

“He wasn’t pleased to have been questioned about Ukraine, ” he inquired,’Can you believe Americans care about Ukraine?’

“He inquired if I could locate Ukraine to a map that I said,’yes,’ he called out because of his aides to deliver him a map of the planet free of writing, no nations marked. I pointed to Ukraine that he put the map away, he explained, people will hear about it, and he then turned and explained he had things to do, and I thanked him for his time and left.”

The State Department hasn’t returned a request for comment.

“America’s diplomats still can not comprehend why the Secretary will not support them” the committee stated.