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Powerful EU Steps against coronavirus are Required, but Undermine European solidarity

“We’re prepared to do everything that’s needed.”

These will be the words of European Council President Charles Michel because he verified the European Union would likely be shutting its boundaries for 30 times before the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s the first concrete and significant step Brussels has obtained because this catastrophe gripped Europe.

However, this outbreak is a catastrophe that Europe, and more especially the European Union, has struggled to deal with.

This step to shut the edge is unprecedented. Last year, possibly two weeks ago, it might have been unthinkable.

Charles Michel contended it is essential to prevent and contain the spread of this coronavirus through the continent.

It’s correct that closing the boundaries will probably help, but this step was about protecting the marriage itself.

In the last few weeks, solidarity has dropped from the bloc. Nations have begun imposing boundary controllers on neighboring EU nations, as well as Germany has taken measures to handle the stream of individuals entering and leaving its land.

Since the EU should take steps to protect against the spread of this illness, many are stressing about the gist of the European Union and its four freedoms.

What’s the EU if its citizens can not move freely? What’s the only market if goods can not cross Europe’s boundaries without hindrance?

“They said they will instantly accomplish that.”

Nonetheless, it’s up to each nation to choose how, when, and if they execute such steps.

What can Brussels do afterward?

The free movement of goods and people isn’t meant only for the great times.

The coronavirus is analyzing everyone at this time, so much the EU is failing this test.