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President Donald Trump lands into London to NATO summit

Queen Elizabeth will sponsor NATO leaders in Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, such as U.S. President Donald Trump landed who landed in London late on Monday afternoon.

Trump’s trip comes amid continuing quarrels over defense spending NATO allies and widespread pressure over the president’s commitment to the alliance.

He explained his trip could be centered on”fighting for the American men and women.”

Trump has criticized fellow NATO members and whined too few countries are on course to fulfill up with the alliance target of spending 2% of GDP on defense from 2024.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently lamented a deficiency of U.S. leadership has been inducing the”brain death” of their alliance.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who has cautioned that another Trump term might mean NATO’s powerful dissolution, ” said Monday he’d”say a prayer” since the president heads to London.

“However far he is treated NATO-like it is a protection racket.