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Prince William Shows Princess Charlotte’Loves’ Unicorns

Last updated on September 10, 2019

“My daughter enjoys unicorns,” that the Duke of Cambridge, 37, said of this 4-year-old on Monday, September 9, while going to the organization Shout UK. “Loves them”

The toddler has showed off her love of unicorns multiple occasions this season. Not only did she possess a pink sequined one trimmed to her back for the first day of kindergarten a week, but she still carried a unicorn handbag in a playoff game in July.

“Charlotte is enjoying with a younger brother to play,” a source told Us Weekly only shortly after Louis’ arrival. “She is carrying her big sister responsibilities very seriously. She will not leave infant Louis’ unwanted. Charlotte is like [George]. They have a wonderful bond, and also a similar link is growing between Charlotte and Louis.”

The queen is”certainly a girly girl,” however” isn’t fearful of a grazed knee,” the insider added to Us. “That is not going to prevent her from running. She moves in the speed of light”

In terms of William and Kate, the source informed Us the royal pair enjoy raising three small ones. “They’re soaking up every moment they could,” the insider said. “Their dream was to have three children. They say never [to get more].”

However, when asked when she had been prepared for baby No. 4 in February after gushing over a 5-month-old to a Northern Ireland excursion, the duchess teased, “I believe that William could be somewhat worried.”