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Priyanka Chopra Rented Outside A Soccer Stadium To Celebrate Nick Jonas’s Birthday

Last updated on September 25, 2019

Never let it be stated that Priyanka Chopra is not excellent at parties.

After each of the most adorable tribute movies for husband Nick Jonas on his 27th birthday, Priyanka one-upped herself having a much bigger surprise. Nick took to Twitter on Tuesday night (September 17) to show she had rented a whole football field because of his birthday celebration. You know, only a small little soiree. Nothing elaborate.

“My lovely wife surprised me with a touch football game with a number of my closest friends and loved ones about the one and just Soldier Field in Chicago (!!!) Followed by a couple of hours of Topgolf, after which a celebration where pizza, tequila, cake, and cigars have been included,” Jonas tweeted, clearly elated. He shared a fast movie clip too, then wrote another tweet at which he thanked his supporters for bringing signals to his sold-out series in St. Paul with all the Jonas Brothers.

“The following evening we played a sold-out show in St. Paul where a lot of you attracted birthday hints and sang me Happy Birthday on point. I can not thank you enough for your outpouring of love and birthday wishes. This means the world to get you in my entire life. Here is to 27!”

The snaps of these festivities seem crazy, using an enamored Priyanka cuddling up from Nick along with also a glimpse at all of the fun all of the attendees got around. Jonas was preventing a lot of social websites so that he could enjoy time with his loved ones and friends, but we completely see why. Seriously, how can you walk about with your head buried in your phone once you have a wonderful wife who is put together a wonderful birthday surprise such as this for you personally?

Ah, to be in love and also a part of the Jonas family.