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Priyanka Chopra sips coffee with Nick Jonas’ face . See the movie here

Last updated on September 8, 2019

On Sunday, she shared with a humorous video clip revealing her sipping on coffee with husband Nick Jonas’ face on the face.

Wearing a brown gown, Priyanka is having a wonderful time. Sharing pictures and movie clips as Instagram tales, an individual may view her posing solo and with her manager Shonali Bose in lots of the images. In one of these movies, she chooses a cup of java along with Nick’s face could be observed in the surface. She takes a sip and shares a picture using a modified picture of Nick on the java face.

Over the last day of shooting before their marriage, Bose shared, they had encouraged Nick to the place for a party.

“But he arrived a little early, and we had been outside in the dark, and she had been performing a very, very extreme scene and that I heard that a sniff and that I turned and Nick was standing near me and that he was crying to watch her be psychological. For this, Priyanka added: “She belongs, you left your husband shout, this is a good scene. It was adorable.”

Priyanka is also co-producing The Sky is Pink, that is a romance of a few — Aditi and Niren Chaudhary — that shed their kid into pulmonary fibrosis, a significant immune disorder.

The celebrity, who lost her dad to cancer,” said the movie looks at how people may choose” to observe their own lives rather than mourning their deaths”. “I did not accept my dad’s departure. I moved to work later; I did not think about it talk about it,” she stated, adding: “When Shonali came to me with this particular film, as a celebrity this is private. I knew what she’d believe. Though I am not a mommy and have not had a kid, I just kind of understood.”

The movie is slated to launch worldwide on October 11.