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Pro-democracy Success in Hong Kong puts Stress on Beijing-backed Pioneer Carrie Lam

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam stated on Monday she will”hear the remarks of all members of the public humbly and critically reflect”, following pro-democracy achieved a landslide victory in the District Council elections. Lam said the government respects the outcomes and desired”the calm, secure and orderly position to keep”.

Democratic candidates procured nearly 90 percent of 452 district council seats in Sunday’s poll and gained control of 17 from the city’s 18 district councils. Earlier this election, pro-Beijing parties held that the energy in all but one of those councils.

“Quite a few think that the outcomes reveal people’s dissatisfaction with the present situation and also the deep-seated problems in society,” Lam said.

The elections saw record turnout following six months of protests and attracted mad wins for democrats against heavyweight pro-Beijing competitions, greeted in certain voting centers by chants of”Liberate Hong Kong” and”Revolution Now”.

In self-ruled Taiwan, which China claims as its own, the Presidential Office voiced”great esteem and support” for the election outcome.

“The election completely shows Hong Kong people’s complete will to pursue liberty and democracy,” it stated. The number of seats held by the pro-democracy camp over quadrupled and turnout, at 71%, was nearly double the amount in the past polls four decades back.

“With this significant defeat, we don’t wish to locate any explanations and reasons,” explained Lee. She stated the party rejected her offer to step up earlier on Monday.

What’s the effect of the election?

While district councils deal with neighborhood problems like transportation, recycling, and diversion activities, their associates also form a part of this election for Hong Kong’s chief executive.

This may give them a sway during the next vote in 2022. The Chief Executive is chosen by a 1,200-member election committee, which includes 117 selected by district councilors. Within this method, the winner takes all: the team (pro-democracy) wins the vast majority of votes from the District Council elections could assert all of the 117 seats.

Democratic Party chairman Wu Chi-wai explained the election as the initial step in the very long approach to complete democracy. “This district election proves that the central government should confront the requirements of a democratic system,” he explained.

The voting ended without a significant disruption throughout the town of 7.4 million individuals on a day which saw enormous, though organized, queues form out voting centers.

“This is the power of democracy. This is a democratic tsunami,” explained Tommy Cheung, a former student protest leader who won a chair at the Yuen Long district near China’s border.