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Professional calls on WHO to delcare coronavirus an International health Crisis

Coronavirus ought to be declared a public health crisis so the outbreak is taken seriously across the planet, it has been maintained.

Expert Mark Eccleston-Turner advised Euronews that the World Health Organization (WHO) must produce the statement to assist countries to prepare.

It comes as the fifth instance in Europe was announced in France on Tuesday.

“This is a significant event and it wants a co-ordinated global reaction from WHO and other nations.”

Dr Eccleston-Turner also stated that the present steps in China, like final boundaries, were unsuccessful since the”horse had bolted”.

“You’ve talked about border screening and controls – these steps aren’t regarded as successful,” he added.

“They don’t restrict the spread of disease or viruses in any meaningful manner. In case you’ve got the will, means or desire to cross boundaries you may do so.

“The horse has bolted – if there’s been spread it has already happened.”