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Prosecutor says Roger Stone lied under oath since’the Fact Appeared bad for Donald Trump’

In his opening statement in Stone’s trial on obstruction and lying fees, prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky said the situation was not about who murdered the Democratic National Committee who conveyed with Russians.

“This situation is all about Roger Stone’s false testimony to the House Intelligence Committee to block the investigation and also to tamper with signs,” Zelinsky advised the jury at Washington, D.C. court.

Stone had promised he had no documents” of any type” of efforts to reach out to Wikileaks. In fact, “you may hear that he’d countless texts, emails” with just two individuals he had been using as intermediaries, Zelinsky said.

Stone also maintained he had not discussed his attempts with the Trump effort — something which has been refuted by his telephone documents and emails and texts, ” the prosecutor said.

Zelinsky said Stone had predicted Trump hours following a Washington Post report in which Russians had murdered the DNC. They also talked for 10 minutes following Wikileaks started posting Democrats’ emails on the internet.

In written replies to queries from prior Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump said that he didn’t remember any communications with Rock in the six months before the 2016 election.

Prosecutors do not understand what was mentioned incall, but soon after the next one, Stone known as among his intermediaries, Jerome Corsi. Corsi told him”sentence is the friend in the embassy” — a reference Wikileaks’ creator Julian Assange –“strategies two dumps.”

By Zelinsky, Stone emailed Trump campaign seat Paul Manafort another day using the subject line”I have an idea” The entire body of the email read, “To rescue Trump’s buttocks,” Zelinsky advised the jury. Stone requested Manafort to telephone him, ” the prosecutor said.

Weeks afterward, Zelinsky stated Stone sent an email to some other effort honcho, Steve Bannon, which read, “I do know the way to do this, but it ai not quite.”

Bannon and former Manafort spouse Rick Gates will testify in the situation, Zelinsky said.

The prosecutor stated Stone pushed a second of his intermediaries, Randy Credico, to lie to investigators and jeopardized his puppy if he did not comply.

Stone hasn’t guilty of the charges.