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Protester Injured after police Passion live Around in Hong Kong

Last updated on October 1, 2019

Violence escalated as protesters in Hong Kong Battled with Authorities during anti-China protests about the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Protest organizers composed on Twitter that one police officer had fired live rounds protesters, injuring a minimum of one person.

The Hong Kong hospital authority told Reuters 15 people were hurt in a variety of locations.

The protests were anticipated to unveil China’s National Day celebrations, which comprised an extravagant military parade.

In a speech in the 70th-anniversary parties, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke about”stability and prosperity” in its particular administrative areas.

“While forging forward, China must stick to the principle of peaceful reunification and one country, two systems,’ maintain lasting prosperity and stability at the Hong Kong and Macao particular administrative regions, encourage peaceful evolution of cross-Strait ties, and combine the entire Chinese people to keep the struggle for complete reunification of our motherland,” Xi said.

Authorities in Hong Kong warned before the protests they had been planning for violence to innovate.

Many transit channels were closed before the protests. Video of the protests revealed smoke and fire from town.

On Monday, anti-government protesters formed a human chain, holding signs that read”Thanks for encouraging Hong Kong.”

The protests come after violent clashes between protesters and authorities happened over the weekend in Hong Kong.