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Protester interrupts Senate impeachment trial, yelling ‘Schumer is the devil’

A protester on Wednesday evening disrupted the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump as Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D.N.Y., was introducing his arguments. The protester was treated and escorted from the gallery in minutes. Jeffries, one of the seven House impeachment managers tasked with presenting the case against Trump, declared his opinions, however, the protester continued to shout just beyond the room, on the next floor close to the media gallery. The guy might be heard yelling, “Schumer is the devil,” Ignore the trial of impeachment,” and he mentioned abortion as he had been arrested and led away by Capitol Police. He was charged with criminal conduct, stated Eva Malecki, a Capitol Police spokesperson.

The protester, an elderly white man, was seen in the region through the afternoon. The Senate press gallery appeared to know instantly who he was noted that they had dealt with him before. House prosecutors, headed by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., have 24 hours three times to convince Senate jurors who Trump committed impeachable crimes. Following that, Trump’s lawyers will present their defense.