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Protests Involve Closing of migrant detention Center in Marseille

Dozens of people flocked on a migrant detention center in the French town of Marseille on Saturday, demanding its closure.

Undocumented migrants have been held at the administrative detention center (CRA), in which many have started a hunger strike.

The Majority of the demonstrators are immigrant rights activists in Solidaires, Education Without Borders Network, or El Manba, also so we’re reacting to a nationwide attraction by the collective SOS Sans Papiers.

They gathered in front of the center of Le Canet in the north of town, which is now home 63 individuals, according to the groups.

At these centers, migrants that are the subject of a deportation choice could be locked up, something that the groups fear can cause the spread of coronavirus.

“It’s even more pressing to shut the CRAs using COVID: individuals are ill indoors and aren’t discovered, and since the boundaries are obstructed, they’re held for weeks with no prospects,” Philippe Chouard, a part of the Asti of Aix-en-Provence (Association of Solidarity with Immigrants), told AFP.

“Today nearly all detainees are being levied an IRTF (prohibition of return to French land ), which is very violent”, maintained Solange de Preval, by the collective SOS Soutien sans papiers.

They’re also discriminated against hearings” from videoconference, frequently with no lawyer”, in the administrative court, “that is a breach of their right of defense”, Solange de Preval added.

On 27 Marchthe Council of State had refused a petition for the closing of those centers, insisting they didn’t constitute”an element in the development of the outbreak”.