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Putin says Russia passed Summit of Coronavirus Outbreak, orders World War II Success Parade

Moscow and other towns ought to point the postponed May 9 Victory Day parades on June 24, “given that the position in the nation as a whole, in the majority of areas and at the Armed Forces is steady, and that it’s stabilizing in several areas after the summit of diseases,” Putin told Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a videoconference Tuesday.

The Kremlin had proposed especially grand commemorations for its 75th anniversary this season until Putin was compelled in April to postpone the national events since the coronavirus disperse. The yearly Red Square parade in Moscow involving tens of thousands of troops along with Russia’s most complex weapons has been an event for him to project a feeling of energy and national pride.

Together with Russia’s financial activity decreasing with a third party through a yearlong nationally lockdown to restrict the spread of this outbreak, the Kremlin is currently trying to limit the fallout.

Infections Slow

The rate of new infections has begun to slow in Russia, which over the weekend slipped into the third position at the number of total cases worldwide, following Brazil and the U.S.

Diagnoses climbed 2.5percent on the last day to 362,342. Russia reported that a record of 174 deaths at the same period, taking the total to 3,807.

The Kremlin is contemplating holding the parade and also a referendum that could open the way for Putin to stay in power until 2036, RBC site reported last week, citing four anonymous officials.

The referendum, which had been proposed for April 22 before the outbreak derailed it, originally appeared to be a gimmick after parliament and the Constitutional Court took under a week to rubber-stamp the fluctuations supported by Putin that let him seek two six-year terms when his current one finishes in 2024.

On the other hand, the economic downturn because of the constraints and a dip in demand for oil, Russia’s most important export, have caused Putin’s approval ratings to slide, as stated by the Levada Center and FOM polling services.

French President Emmanuel Macron had approved Putin’s invitation to leaders of wartime allied countries to join on Red Square for its May 9 parade.

While Putin advised Shoigu who”the summit for us has passed, according to the experts,” he ordered him to accept”the strictest security” steps to decrease some risks for participants.

Mass marches called”Immortal Regiments” of members of the general public in memory of family members that fought in the war will occur a month after, on July 26, since it is not feasible to celebrate social distancing in those events and much more time is required for the virus to subside,” Putin explained. They’d been proposed for May 9.