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Queen returns Missing toy to Australian Woman

A toy monkey inadvertently left at Buckingham Palace with a 5-year-old woman has returned home to Australia after loving royal treatment by palace personnel and obtaining a travel companion – a toy corgi.

Harriet, among six toy actors out of Woodside Kindergarten at Adelaide, was shot on vacation to Europe by Savannah Hart along with her family as it had been lost.

Savannah’s mom, Katie, realized Harriet was missing another day but was not able to find the toy before they returned home to Australia.

They also added pictures of Harriet’s journeys from around the world.

“We put in several photographs of Harriet’s experiences around the globe, and the kids signed it and set it in an envelope and posted it off,” said kindergarten teacher Robyn Herringer.

Surprisingly the following week that the Palace reacted, stating that Harriet had been in care and also for good measure comprised photographs of Harriet’s adventures around the Queen’s home.

Harriet shortly arrived back in Australia with a new buddy in tow –‘Rex’ — a filled corgi in the palace gift store.