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Queen’s speech Because of kick Boris Johnson’s parliamentary year

Queen Elizabeth II is supposed to provide a speech that will outline the new administration’s agenda for the year ahead, followed by a discussion between MPs.

However, the launching of a brand new parliament won’t feature its customary pomp, without a horse-drawn carriages without a royal robes. The Queen won’t put on a crown and Prince Charles will swap his army apparel to get a morning suit, according to the web site of the British parliament.

“We Will be working on providing the priorities of the British people”

It was the largest Conservative win in over 50 decades.

Throughout the interview, he explained: “We ought to have zero embarrassment about saying we’re a people’s government, that is a people’s cupboard, and we’re likely to be working on bringing the priorities of the British men and women. And that is exactly what they want us to perform.”

Johnson is excited about “constructing a new venture” with the EU as”buddies and autonomous equals.”

After meeting The Queen December 13he stated,” I think, the truth is I know because I heard it loud and clear from every corner of this nation the overwhelming priority of the British public is that we ought to concentrate above all on the NHS.”

An “unsatisfactory night” for Corbyn

The Conservatives procured 365 chairs — well over the 326 needed to get a majority in the House of Commons — later winning seats in northern England which was in Labour’s hands for generations.

Labor pioneer Jeremy Corbyn called it an “unsatisfactory night” and stated he’d step down after a successor was appointed. The opposition party suffered its greatest defeat since 1935.

Obtaining Brexit done

“During this election that your voice was discovered and about time too,” Johnson said following the election. We, politicians, have wasted the previous 3 years…I could put an end to all that crap and we’ll get Brexit performed by the 31st of January, no ifs, no buts, no maybes.”