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Rashami Desai says she’s’completely’ and’profoundly’ in love but there’s a catch. Watch pic

Popular television celebrity and Bigg Boss 13 finalist Rashami Desai got blunt through an Ask Me Anything else along with her fans lately.

When an Instagram user-requested Rashami about her connection status, she responded with a gif stating’celebration of one’, implying that she had been single. She wrote, “In love with myself around again and again.”

Rashami was in a connection with tv celebrity Arhaan Khan however, the couple broke up following their stint on Bigg Boss 13. It was through the reality show she learned that he was previously married and even offers a kid.

There were allegations that Arhaan faked Rashami’s funds and remained in her apartment together with his loved ones in her absence, with no knowledge.

Within an earlier interview, Rashami reported that she had been awakened when she discovered about his divorce and kid on Bigg Boss 13. “I did not expect him to conceal such a huge element of his life. It came as a jolt; at one stage, I thought to leave the series, as I was not able to manage it,” she explained.

Rashami also promised that one of the chief reasons she took up Bigg Boss 13 would be to provide Arhaan’s career a boost. On being asked if he used her and her fame for fame, she stated, “I feel he used me emotionally. I don’t need to comment on anything else at this instant.”

After over three decades of being married, they have divorced in 2016.