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Read All About Metabolism

You have heard about this word but do not quite clearly understand it, right? Not a problem let us try to explain it.

Metabolism is usually defined as the chemical process that takes place in living beings. This process is vital to maintaining life and hence the metabolism should not be imbalanced. Ok, it is still not making much sense! We know that and here we are with a simple and brief understanding of the concept.

With the current health conscious regime, young men and women have started opting for healthy food items like low carb foods, introducing different types of seeds etc.  However, most of us do not pay much heed to the metabolism functioning of the body. So let’s understand it more clearly to be better aware of our body.

Metabolism is the overall chemical process in one’s body that causes food to be used in effective way. Food we intake is used for various purposes like to provide energy, to make new cells etc. This process of division is the result of metabolism.

How is metabolism beneficial?

Metabolism is responsible for raising or lowering your appetite. A balanced metabolism ensures sound weight.  However any disturbance in it can cause either high amount of calorie burn or can lead to weight gain.

Metabolism rate differs for each 

One’s metabolic rate is dependent on multiple factors like weight, gender, age, hormone function, physical activity levels etc. So look out for signs of whether you have high metabolism or low. For e.g. If you eat enough and still find it difficult to gain weight, it could be a sign of high metabolism. On the other hand if you are particular about eating, still you are overweight, it could be due to low metabolic activity in your body.  Do not mind visiting a doctor for your symptoms since health should be the top most priority.

Simple ways to increase metabolism

In case you feel that despite eating less you are putting on, it may be due to less metabolic rate and thus you should consider involving the below things in your daily routine:

  1. Introduce more proteins in your diet – The thermic effect of food in protein is more compared to fats and carbohydrates. 
  1. Your daily workout – The more intensive work out, the better metabolic rate you have.  It results in burning of fat from your body.
  1. Drink plenty of water Water is a magical drink acting as a boon for human body. Taking warm or hot water in the morning and before sleep in the night increases metabolism and aids in detoxification too.
  1. Food items boosting metabolism – Food items like black pepper, coffee, tea, capsicum, legumes, nuts, seeds etc. are a few things you can add in your diet. 
  1. Get enough night sleep – Inadequate sleep can be a cause for obesity and lack of energy. Sleep deprivation can change the glucose metabolism and hormones involved in regulating metabolic rate of the body. Thus we see people with lack of sleep often getting more hungry and unable to reduce weight.

For those with naturally high metabolism

Even if you feel the urge to eat again and again, do not give yourself permission of opting to unhealthy food items. Gaining sufficient weight and body figure is as difficult a task as losing weight.