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Rejected Avengers Endgame sequence shows Robert Downey Jr sendoff you have never noticed. Until now

Last updated on May 26, 2020

Over a year following its launch, the design company Exception Perception has shown unused versions of their end credits sequence for Avengers: Endgame.

The sequence from the movie showed a short montage of the celebrities’ journeys from the show, also juxtaposed their titles with their signatures, while Alan Silvestri’s music played in the background. On its site, Exception Perception has written that”the name sequence had three different segments, the Crew, the Twist, and also the hero 6′.” The description went on to describe, “It had been important to everybody involved that every section should feel exceptional but a part of a larger whole. They decided to use movie footage innovatively, starting with abstract light beams and getting more distinct as the arrangement continues.”

Perception’s Visual Effects Director Doug Appleton clarified the mood at the studio by the site, “Frankly, when the enthusiasm died down, it was somewhat intimidating. How can you finish the film that finishes the story that began 22 movies past?

John LePore, Perception’s Chief Creative Director, stated, “In the conclusion of those movies, fans are not hungry for’movement design’–they simply want to have more time with those characters. We took inspiration in the fandom in general, particularly fan-made supercuts, and opted to make a sequence that celebrated that the trip for this stage.”

Avengers: Endgame reasoned the decade-long arc of Downey’s Tony Stark, also watched him forfeit his life in the conclusion of the movie to save the planet and conquer Thanos.