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Reliance Jio Fiber: Get Totally Free TV with All These broadband Information Programs

Last updated on January 4, 2020

The business is supplying as many six tiers of information programs with information levels varying from 100Mbps to 1Gbps. Among the greatest attributes of Reliance Jio Fiber is your free TV offer.

Reliance Jio has not yet revealed the complete specifications and manufacturer of free TVs it’s bundling with Jio Fiber. The organization, however, has supported the display dimensions, resolution and initial retail cost of their TVs. Be aware that free TV is available through pick yearly information programs, called JioForever programs . Let us take a peek at the Jio Fiber info programs offering completely free TVs.

Gold JioForever yearly plan: Accessible for Rs 31,176 annually, this is the fundamental yearly strategy to find the free TV. Reliance Jio Fiber is supplying an HD TV using a 24-inch screen. The program is currently bundled with Jio Home Gateway (worth $ 5,000), also 4K set-top-box (worth Rs 6,400). Users also get access to crucial OTT programs. Users receive 250Mbps of information speed.

Diamond JioForever yearly program: Priced at Rs 29,998, this Reliance Jio Fiber also supplies the exact same 24-inch HD TV value Rs 12,990. Contrary to the Gold program, Diamond JioForever yearly plan offers 500Mbps information levels.

Platinum JioForever yearly program: This Jio Fiber plan prices Rs 47,988 each year. Users receive a complimentary HD TV using a 32-inch display with this strategy. The program also will come with exactly the exact same House Gateway worth Rs 5,000, also 4K set-top-box worth Rs 6,400. Users receive 1Gbps of information rate with this data strategy.

Titanium JioForever yearly program: At Rs 101,988, this is definitely the most expensive yearly Jio Fiber plan. The business is bundling a free 43-inch 4K TV Buddy worth 44,990 using the strategy. The same as other information programs, Jio can also be bundling Home Gateway and 4K set-top-box. Jio is supplying 1Gbps of information speed together with the Titanium JioForever yearly program.