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Reliance Jio Fiber vs Airtel Xstream Fiber: Selecting the Ideal 1Gbps broadband Program

Last updated on September 13, 2019

After the launching of Reliance Jio Fiber in India, Airtel is stepping up its broadband portfolio using a new Xstream platform. Let us compare Apple’s brand new Xstream 1Gbps broadband program with Reliance Jio Fiber’s.

Airtel Xstream Fiber 1Gbps program

Airtel’s new deal is recorded as an”Ultra” program on the organization’s website. The latest data program joins Airtel’s present VIP, Premium, Entertainment and Fundamental tiers of broadband programs. Airtel Xstream Fiber can be obtained for Rs 3,999 a month. Users get the unlimited net. According to the organization’s Terms and Conditions, infinite information implies a cap of 3,333 GB data place which users continue into the free information but in throttled 1Mbps data rate as Fair Usage Policy.

This Xstream Fiber program can be bundled with Airtel. Thank you for your advantages.

Reliance Jio Fiber 1Gbps program

Reliance Jio Fiber’s foundation 1Gbps program can be obtained for Rs 3,999. The program also will come with unlimited data (restricted at 2,500GB. The same as Airtel, Jio Fiber also throttles data levels to 1Mbps when the information quota is used up. Aside from 1Gbps rate, Reliance Jio Fiber is offering free voice calls, TV movie calling/conferencing, zero-latency gambling, eligibility for Jio Fiber’s forthcoming First-Day-First-Show scheme. Reliance Jio Fiber also packages annual subscription to OTT programs that the corporation will reveal later.


Both broadband programs are equally matched. If you’re searching for more monthly info, Airtel Xstream Fiber’s infinite broadband program produces a great deal of sense. If you’re searching for more value-added services like DTH and TV video conferencing you ought to contemplate Reliance Jio Fiber.