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Rep. Jeff Van DrewCompared to impeachment, Anticipated to Depart Democratic Party

A Democratic congressman in the swing district in southern New Jersey — that was outspoken in his opposition into President Donald Trump’s impeachment — is most very likely to leave the party, sources told NBC News on Saturday.

Two Democratic leadership sources said they anticipate Rep. Jeff Van Drew to change his registration to Republican in the aftermath of his position against the House Democratic-led attempts to impeach Trump.

An internal poll conducted earlier this month for Van Drew revealed he’d be unlikely to win re-election to his chair at the 2nd Congressional District, which encompasses the southern tip of Jersey and contains Atlantic City.

Just 28 percent of Democratic respondents stated Van Drew” deserves to become re-nominated,” while 58 percent said that”the other Democrat” must reflect the party in the district 2020 election, according to the survey obtained by NBC News.

Van Drew was one of a few Democrats to vote against moving ahead with the impeachment question back in October.

Ever since that time, testimony introduced in House hearings throughout the past couple of months which Trump requested Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelenskiy to research the former vice president and his son Hunter since the government placed a grip on military funds into the nation, failed to alter Van Drew’s mind.

“My subject is reddish — a fantastic chunk of it and they are anti-impeachment. And I have the purple component, and they’re more pro-impeachment. So no matter what you do, you are likely to dissuade people,” he told NBC News.

In 2018, Van Drew won the chair with 52.9% of the vote.

In the previous week, a few of the nation’s top Democrats, including Gov. Phil Murphy, have chosen to not support Van Drew’s re-election bidding.