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Rising seismic activity hampering recovery efforts on New Zealand’s White Island

Last updated on December 11, 2019

Recovery attempts on New Zealand’s White Island have been hampered by increased neuronal activity, authorities said, since the geological agency cautioned that another eruption could occur over the next 24 hours.

Thirty people were hurt and are receiving treatment in hospital with 25 of these in a crucial condition.

Authorities said on Wednesday that eight individuals are officially listed as lost, seven of these Australians and two New Zealanders. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern warned on Tuesday the reconnaissance flights over the island had revealed”no indications of existence”.

Recovery attempts on the island have nevertheless been stopped after advice from the nation’s ancestral bureau, GeoNet.

“Our interpretation of our observation data thus far, such as yesterday’s gasoline flight is that shallow magma inside the volcano is currently driving the tremor, gas first, and jetting action observed from the craters generated during the eruption,” GeoNet stated in its own latest brand.

“Earlier today we ran an expert conclusion and the outcome is that there’s a moderate likelihood (40-60% likelihood ) of a future eruption over another 24 hours,” it added.

“This is an expert role that has to be undertaken with the utmost caution and attention,” authorities explained in a statement.

“Authorities must adhere to the worldwide procedure for disaster victim identification — such as the proper evaluation and documentation of figures in the scene to be sure they are properly identified and all the essential information is accumulated for subsequent investigations.

“Those deploying into the island will probably experience serious physiological and chemical risks, for which we should be ready,” it added.