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Robert Pattinson blew His Microwave up cooking pasta mid-interview:’I Believe I Must leave that alone’

Last updated on May 30, 2020

Quarantine cooking was challenging for many but Robert Pattinson had an especially difficult period as he blew his microwave when displaying a pasta recipe at the center of a meeting.

As per a GQ profile, the celebrity had some trouble when attempting to devise a”pasta that you may hold in your hands ” Pattinson is famous for his elaborate pranks and author GQ author Zach Baron said he’s still unsure whether the performer had a real mishap or was hoping to pull a quick one in their Facetime interview.

The British actor told the socket he asked himself what should”pasta had the same type of fast-food qualifications as hamburgers and pizzas? I had been attempting to determine how to capitalize in this field of the marketplace” and he designed a prototype and presented his business plan to Lele Massimini, the co-founder of pasta restaurant Sugarfish.

After trimming himself with all the pasta brand new from the microwave, Pattinson then inadvertently lit one of his glasses fire. Then he wrapped the dish, even more, aluminum foil and set it back into the microwave which he promised was a toaster rather than a microwave.

“Proudly he’s walking toward the counter his telephone is on if, behind him, a lightning bolt erupts out of the oven/microwave. Pattinson ducks like somebody outside have started the fire. He is giggling and crouching since the toaster melts stray flickers of light and noise,” Baron remembered.

“The ***ing electricity… hello, my God,” Pattinson said as the microwave went dim with a bang. “Yeah, I believe I must leave this alone.