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Robert Pattinson says Batman is Not a’cash-in’ to Market toys, but Includes a’Heritage and lineage’

Robert Pattinson states DC superhero Batman is just one intellectual property which has consistently attracted Hollywood’s finest actors and directors. The actor, who’s portraying the Caped Crusader at Matt Reeves’ The Batman told Entertainment Weekly that the personality has”a heritage and a lineage” attached to it.

“There was something which always appealed to me. I feel as it exists beyond the domain of… Batman films have consistently attracted very, really great directors and excellent actors and it has got heritage and a lineage for this. It has never appeared to me like it has been only a cash-in for something,” Pattinson said.

The 33-year-old celebrity said he’d been a fan of the superhero because Adam West first depicted the role in the ABC series Batman, which ran from 1966 to 1968.

“Even the way the TV show was completed. People still see the TV series. That’s a classic TV series. The performances are fantastic. It is a new type of pop artistic TV show. It is funny and that I feel like they never only made a film so that they can sell toys. I am convinced there was a portion of those who did it … There is something quite special about it,” Pattinson said.