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Roman Reigns Responds on him not getting a rematch for Universal championship

Last updated on October 4, 2019

It has been over seven weeks who Roman Reigns has left his comeback into WWE but he’s yet to have a title shot. After Reigns left the firm this past year, he had been the Universal winner but because of his comeback, he’s got a rematch nor does he appear to be from the title film.

However, Reigns has opined that he enjoys being at the ring and will return into the title picture once the time is perfect.

“This is something which a lot of individuals whine about — me in name games. For me, only coming back, a distinct standpoint. For me, involvement is somewhat cool for today, I figure,” he explained in a movie on GQ Sports’` Really Me’ YouTube series.

“I just love being out there. Whether there is a name at stake or not, I simply like being in that ring and having the capability to become fit enough to perform my thing. Do not rush me, guy!” He added, responding to questions regarding when he’s coming back into the title graphic.

The Dog had left WWE in October a year ago because of leukemia. It compelled him to relinquish the Universal name which he had won by beating Brock Lesnar from the next effort in 2018. Since he had been drafted from the grim brand, Reigns has not obtained a rematch since the name is about the red trademark.

Reigns isn’t in contention to battle Kofi Kingston to get WWE heavyweight championship anytime soon.

Given Reigns’ prestige in WWE, he’ll be at the name image sooner or later. Before the pay-per-view occasion, he’ll confront Rowan at a one time game at Smackdown’s Fox introduction on Friday.