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Romania working to save over 14,000 sheep aboard cargo Boat

Romanian police are working to save over 14,000 sheep aboard a boat that has capsized from the Black Sea.

The Queen Hind cargo container overturned on Sunday after leaving Romania’s Media port en route to Saudi Arabia.

Talking to Euronews on Monday, a spokeswoman for Romania’s crisis support ISU Constanta reported each one the team — 20 Syrians and one Lebanese nationwide — was rescued together with 32 sheep.

She stated the remaining creatures were aboard the capsized boat and that tries to save and”place the boat back on its place” would last on Monday.

“We expect it to take the entire afternoon,” the spokeswoman told Euronews at a phonecall. “There are 3 other ships that want to help place the boat back on track.”

Romania is the EU’s third-largest sheep breeder where it transfers much of its livestock to nations from the Middle East.

However, such trade using boats has been broadly criticized as a result of dangerous hot states on the vessels throughout the summertime, which are nicknamed”death ships” by activists.

The former EU commissioner for health and food security called for an investigation to Romania’s livestock trading before this season, also stated transportation of thousands of sheep into the Gulf area should stop.