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Romelu Lukaku Fighter chants’Type of Admiration’: Inter Milan fans Shield Cagliari racism abuse

Lukaku, who transferred from Manchester United to Inter Milan this year, netted the winner in the place in a 2-1 success, but the match was marred by fighter chants, according to a BBC report.

An announcement from Inter enthusiast group Curva Nord stated”Italian lovers aren’t racist” and that the misuse was gamesmanship, according to BBC. It added:”We’re sorry you believed what occurred in Cagliari was racist”

The open letter to the Belgian forward, printed on the enthusiast group’s Facebook webpage, also explained:”You’ve got to know that Italy isn’t like a number of other north European nations where racism is really a issue. We know that it might have appeared shameful for you but it’s not like this. In Italy we use several’manners’ simply to’assist our teams’ and also to attempt to create our competitions stressed, not for racism but also to jumble up them.

“Please think about this mindset of Italian lovers as a kind of admiration for the fact they’re fearful of you personally for the goals you could score against their groups rather than because they despise you or they’re racist.”

Following the misuse, Lukaku had stated the game was”going backward”.

In a declaration, Cagliari was quoted by the BBC as saying,”The team plans to identify, isolate and prohibit those dumb individuals whose black activities and behaviors are entirely contrary to those values which Cagliari Calcio ardently promotes in each of their initiatives”