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Russia Titles gunman behind shooting security Bureau’s HQ, death toll Climbs

Russian researchers on Friday appointed the guy who opened fire to the headquarters of the FSB security service at Moscow as Yevgeny Manyurov, a 39-year-old former security shield from just beyond the capital.

Manyurov murdered one FSB worker reluctantly and injured five other individuals beyond the agency’s most important building, the former headquarters of this Soviet-era KGB, on Thursday evening, before he was shot dead.

Authorities searched Manyurov’s house in the rundown Soviet-era apartment block where he lived with his mum in the town of Podolsk out Moscow and contested his neighbors.

Neighbors told Reuters he had been a silent gun addict who kept to himself. Manyurov had been unmarried, had no kids and seemed to have few friends, they stated.

Still another, Vladimir Poruntsev, stated: “He was not very talkative, he had been a modest closed as an individual.”

Dmitry Tsaryev explained Manyurov as a regular man, who had asked him to join him in a local shooting range, but he had diminished.

Neighbors said researchers had awakened them up at the wee hours of Friday morning when they hunted Manyurov’s apartment. Authorities had cordoned off the building at the same point while they asked people and assessed their records, they stated.

Thursday’s attack occurred soon after President Vladimir Putin’s yearly news conference while he had been attending a Kremlin occasion to observe the work of their safety services.

The FSB suspected that the attack might have been planned to coincide with Putin’s speech in the case, a source near the FSB told Reuters on Thursday.

A few Muscovites laid flowers outside the FSB’s headquarters Friday and analyzed damage to the renowned construction.