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Russian village Coping with’polar bear invasion’ as Heaps of Creatures go in Hunt of food

A village in northeastern Russia is currently working to ward off heaps of polar bears that have descended on the region looking for food.

Children are also made to take especially scheduled excursions to college.

Meanwhile, two individuals are assigned to patrol the outer-edges of their village to block the bears getting in, though other volunteers also have joined in to help.

According to the mind of the bear patrol Tatyana Minenko, the bears” are thin” and therefore are”both young and adult animals”.

They’re thought to have ventured near the village after finding walrus corpses nearby, which they’re currently feeding upon.

However, while this kind of trip from polar bears is not strictly uncommon, WWF notes, a gathering of this kind of massive number is.

“The chief reason is that the decrease of the sea ice spot on account of this changing climate,” WWF said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Mikhail Stishov, Arctic biodiversity project planner for WWF-Russia, stated: “When there’s sufficient ice hockey, the bears go farther north to search the seals.

“Since the ice isn’t thick enough, they’ll remain ashore and will stop by the village because of curiosity and desire.

“Spontaneous waste residue can pull in the critters: bears will opt for the odor of food waste, irrespective of the access to additional food.

He added: “Collecting of polar bears are getting more regular, and we must adapt and find ways to prevent conflicts between humans and creatures.”