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Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan Concur Syria ceasefire

Russia President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated they’ve consented to some cease-fire in Syria.

Putin explained the agreed deal could wind civilian suffering but didn’t elaborate on the information.

They encourage opposing sides in the battle but both leaders said they desired to achieve an agreement before start talks.

Putin is encouraging a Syrian authorities offensive to take the past opposition-held state in Syria, while President Erdogan supports opposing forces.

The deal also envisages establishing a 12-kilometer (7-mile)-broad security corridor across the M4 highway. It’ll be jointly patrolled by Turkish and Russian troops, beginning March 15.

Putin said he and Erdogan reached agreement on a combined record during the discussions in Moscow that lasted for at least six hours.

A current escalation in Syria

This was the initial meeting of these two leaders because 33 Turkish soldiers had been killed in a Syrian authorities airstrike at Idlib.

The airstrike was one of a collection of recent escalations that have increased concerns about an immediate confrontation between Turkey and Russia such as the downing of two Syrian authorities airplanes during the weekend.

Turkey established a military offensive in Syria a year ago to make a place for the millions of refugees that the civil war has made.

The present battle in Idlib has delivered almost a thousand Syrian civilians to Turkey which recently said it would open its border with Europe as a way to draw global attention to the tragedy.