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Sailor completes three-month solo Atlantic crossing to Invest lockdown with parents

An Argentinian guy has fought ferocious Atlantic storms to arrive home almost 3 months after he decided to skip coronavirus travel limitations and sail from Portugal to visit his older parents.

Juan Manuel Ballestero started his trip from his 8.8-meter sailboat on March 24 and expected to hit Mar del Plata, south of the capital Buenos Aires, in time for his dad’s 90th birthday on May 15.

He set away from Porto Santo from the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira with $200 plus also a stock of food.

“The ship went over. I could not cut the sail time,” that the 47-year-old adventurer stated, adding that he might have dropped the mast.

“I did all that I might be there on your birthday, Dad.”

Ballestero managed to carry out repairs in Brazil and on Wednesday came in Argentina.

There’s not been any reunion with his dad or 82-year-old mother because he has to stay on his ship to get a 15-day quarantine.

Nevertheless, the seasoned sailor, whose fishing excursions have taken him as far afield as Alaska and the South Atlantic, stated he was delighted to be in quieter waters.

“I am composed, anchored here at the center of the interface. There’s not any storm to disturb my boat to run me over,” the seasoned sailor said.

After quarantine, he’ll be staying at a home near his parents.

“I will plant a backyard and purchase three chickens. I will make it through winter with all the previous individuals. I need to be with the family”