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Sardinia to Inflict entrance Commission on prized Shore to Handle overcrowding

Using its turquoise water and white sand, Pelosa Beach is a firm favorite for holiday-makers from Sardinia but visitors will need a ticket plus a fresh bracelet to get it.

The steps were taken last week from the council of Stintino intention to decrease overcrowding and safeguard the environment. They’ll come into effect for the summertime beginning on June 1.

Visitors over age 12 will finally have to pay $3.50 for a day ticket, together with the number of entries limited to 1,500 people every day.

“It is the variety of bathers that, as highlighted by a set of studies performed in prior years, could be considered sufficient for the shore to support,” Stintino mayor Antonio Diana said in a statement.

“Until today, the shore has undergone overcrowding, with peaks of daily presence that have surpassed 5,000 individuals,” he further added.

Employees manning the entry will provide a biodegradable necklace — of a different color every day — to ticket holders and make sure that principles are respected as the smoking ban and also the no pet policy.

The cash will be utilized to cover the rinsing water in the disposal of people in addition to for the maintenance of the shore — cleaning it and keeping walkways — along with the security of dunes.

Tourism in Sardinia has been flourishing with over 3.1 million vacationers visiting the Mediterranean island in 2017.