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Satellite images Indicate COVID-19 Began in the fall, not winter 2019, say Harvard researchers

Satellite pictures of Wuhan hospitals’ parking lots and search engine inquiries from the Chinese town imply the COVID-19 outbreak began much sooner than previously believed, based on a study from Harvard Medical School.

They discovered that”improved hospital visitors and symptom search data in Wuhan preceded the recorded launch of their SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in December 2019.”

They noticed for example that a”steep growth” in hospital occupancy as measured by the parking lot quantity proxy has been initially detected in August 2019, culminating with a summit in December 2019.

August also saw”exceptional growth in searches for diarrhea that was neither found in preceding flu seasons or reflected at the cough search statistics”.

Queries of this lymph manifestation”cough” reveal seasonal changes coinciding with annual flu seasons, but”diarrhea” is a COVID-19 special symptom and just reveals an association with all the present outbreak, researchers emphasized.

The analysis, which hasn’t been peer-reviewed, does admit to constraints like the fact that lots of the satellite pictures received weren’t usable since cloud cover, buildings’ shadow, or structure made it impossible to rely on the numbers of automobiles on parking lots with precision.

Search engine information will be also”vulnerable to changes linked to occasions we may not take note of” and is determined by internet penetration that”could be highly changeable” from China, researchers stated.

However, they contended that”while we can’t confirm if the greater volume was directly about the brand new virus, our evidence supports additional recent work demonstrating that evolution occurred before diagnosis in the Huanan Seafood marketplace”.

“These findings also corroborate the hypothesis that the virus emerged naturally in southern China and has been possibly already circulating at the time of their Wuhan bunch” and”also hint in the missed early signs of COVID-19 in present surveillance methods such as respiratory pathogens,” they added.

China was criticized by US President Donald Trump, who also accused the nation of not alerting global health authorities about the publication coronavirus historical enough. He’s threatened to withdraw US funds to the World Health Organisation (WHO) asserting it’s to close to Beijing to become impartial.

WHO member nations voted for the organization to carry out an independent probe of the global reaction to the outbreak.

Over 406,000 people worldwide have succumbed to the lethal virus while over 7 million have been understood to have been infected, according to a tally at Johns Hopkins University.

China has thus far hauled 4,638 deaths and 84,195 supported instances.