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Saudi crown prince Uttered Amazon chief Jeff Bezos’s Telephone: Report

An electronic forensic investigation indicated the theft of information in the Inc. leader’s telephone in 2018 began with an infected movie document delivered via WhatsApp in the private account of Mohammed bin Salman, the paper reported.

The Guardian stated it did not understand what information has been extracted from the telephone, however, the report includes a year after the surprise announcement that Bezos and his spouse, MacKenzie, would divorce after 25 decades of marriage. The National Enquirer then disclosed an extramarital affair between Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, a former television anchor, at a collection of reports that depended, in part, on romantic text messages delivered by Bezos.

Bezos then published an outstanding blog article accusing the tabloid of threatening to publish additional embarrassing text messages and photographs unless he openly confirmed that there was no political motive or external force behind the tabloid’s coverage.

Gavin de Becker, a safety adviser for Bezos, afterward said he thought the Saudi Arabian authorities had obtained Bezos’s telephone before the Enquirer subjected the affair. He did not offer any direct evidence to back up his promises, he said came from”our researchers and many specialists” De Becker mentioned the Enquirer’s business relationship with the Saudis, in addition to demanding policy of the murder of a politician of the Saudi regime from the Bezos-owned Washington Post, as reasons why bin Salman may attempt to hurt the Amazon creator. The paper reported last year the Central Intelligence Agency connected the crown prince into the 2018 murder of Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

De Becker declined to comment on the Guardian report Tuesday past the lengthy statement this past year, which had been published on the information website The Daily Beast.

It is uncertain if the alleged hack of Bezos’s mobile obtained any sensitive Amazon corporate details. The business has not commented on the topic from the nine months because of de Becker’s accusation. Company representatives did not return messages seeking comment on Tuesday.