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Schiff says intelligence community withholding Records on Ukraine

“The intelligence community is starting to withhold records from Congress about the dilemma of Ukraine,” Schiff told ABC’s”This Week” “They seem to be succumbing to pressure from the government. The NSA specifically is withholding what exactly are possibly applicable documents to our oversight duties on Ukraine, but also withholding documents possibly relevant the senators may want to see through the trial”

“That’s deeply about,” Schiff continued. “And there are indications that the CIA could be about the same tragic course. We’re relying upon the intelligence community not just to talk truth to power except to withstand pressure from the government to withhold information from Congress since the government fears they incriminate them”

Congressional Democrats have lamented the State Department and Pentagon’s refusal to give key documents associated with Ukraine.

Democrats and Republicans continue fighting regarding whether further witnesses and documents will be shown in the trial — something which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has stated will be set by a vote following the first arguments are introduced by either side.

Both articles of impeachment bill the president with abusing his power by pushing for Ukraine to research former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and Democrats while juggling almost $400 million in military aid into the nation in addition to an official White House trip for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and with obstructing Congress’ attempts to stunt his conduct.

Schiff on Sunday also addressed that the current Politico report where numerous sources told the book that the intelligence community is hoping to convince Congress to remove public testimony as part of the yearly briefing on international security threats in light of Trump’s public outburst this past year in his high intelligence officers contradicting his beliefs.

Schiff on Thursday issued invitations to intelligence bureau leaders to announce publicly and behind closed doors regarding the worldwide dangers.

“You know, sadly, I believe those reports are too true,” Schiff said. “The intelligence community is unwilling to possess an open hearing, something which we’d done annually before this Trump administration since they’re concerned about the president”