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Scotland: Some fascinating battleground for the UK’s General Election

Last updated on December 11, 2019

As Storm Brendan lashed Glasgow, the leaders of Scotland’s four biggest political parties ready to go head to head with two weeks ahead until polls open on 12 December.

Scotland is home to many key marginal seats in this election, such as in Glasgow. Labour is struggling to maintain Glasgow North East, won in 2017 with the vast majority of merely 242 votes.

The SNP’s primary message — and procuring a rerun of the autonomy referendum of 2014 — is preventing Brexit, according to their glowing yellow campaign bus that’s been touring the nation in recent months using”Stop Brexit” emblazoned across it.

However, in Glasgow, residents told Euronews that for Scottish voters that the problem of Brexit is only one of several regions of concern.

“Round here, I don’t believe Brexit is a really major issue. I truly don’t — I feel a great deal of individuals are worried about the NHS… along with also the minimal wage. I believe those things are extremely important for people. They realize that Brexit is not the be-all and end-all,” Andrew Quinn, a history student who’s deputy editor-in-chief of this Glasgow University paper, the Glasgow Guardian, informed Euronews.

She explained the procedure for applying for regaining status as”dehumanizing,” especially needing to answer a question about if she had been a terrorist.

However, De Mets also believes that not enough attention has been on what’s going to occur after Brexit.

“I believe that the major issue for the previous four decades is that politics was based on Brexit, folks do not understand what will take place afterward. If Boris Johnson gets a bulk and moves his Brexit offer and we abandon the EU using a bargain on the 31st of January, I feel as though nobody has thought about what is going to happen beyond that point,” she states.

On the eve of this election, the Scotsman published a survey that indicated a fresh vote on Scottish liberty — that was bolstered by 55.3 percent to 44.7 percent in 2014 — could visit 52 percent of the public unemployment to leave the marriage compared to 48 percent to stay.

However, liberty isn’t as divisive an issue in Scotland in 2019 because it was, Quinn states.

“I recall believing in 2014: what will people talk about if this is finished? And Brexit occurred. I believe it does not bear the identical significance as it did. However there is a great deal of individuals who’ll vote SNP because they have had enough of Westminster, and Boris Johnson is a good illustration of what it is that they do not desire,” he explained.

“It may be an excellent selection strategy for the SNP, however, they’re cutting out half of the populace of the nation should they get it done.”