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Search Endings for Lands of Albanian quake as death toll reaches 51

Albania stopped its research on Saturday for survivors of a strong earthquake which killed 51 people, and buried victims of this tragedy like toddler twins and their mom.

The 6.4-magnitude quake, the nation’s worst earthquake, struck Tuesday, centered 30 kilometers west of the capital Tirana. It had been felt throughout the Balkans and in the southern region of Puglia, on the other side of the Adriatic Sea from Albania.

There were hundreds of aftershocks, some using a magnitude of over 5.0, rocking damaged buildings and frightening residents.

In the Mira Mare resort, on the Adriatic seafront from the city of Durres, a mechanized digger had ground to a stop close to the ruins of concrete slabs, water boilers, mattresses and drapes from the six-story construction.

“No other figures have been found in the Mira Mare,” a government spokesman said.

The 51st sufferer was a 20-year-old girl who died on Saturday. She was struck on the head by falling bricks at a western district of Tirana, which makes her the sole victim in the funds.

The majority of the others were in Durres, Albania’s second-biggest town and chief port, along with the neighboring city of Thuman.

Poorly-equipped Albanian troops rescued survivors in the rubble of buildings occasionally digging them out using their bare hands until 250 soldiers from European nations and the USA came to their help.

Durre’s authorities fanned out throughout the town to distribute food however some residents complained they hadn’t received supplies.

In 1 instance, a car hoping to disperse food was surrounded by a massive crowd and drove off. “The poor do nothing,” that a white-haired woman of 65 stated in grief.

She and many others, who didn’t need to talk about their names, said they weren’t allowed back in their homes for security reasons, and needed to rely on food supplies that were donated.

Due to the problems, the authorities said it had put up federal operational centers, and a telephone line for people in need of clothing and food to seek out assistance.

The GoFundMe crowdfunding platform stated that, as of Friday, $3.2 million was raised globally to assist survivors of this catastrophe.