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See again: Thunberg calls for climate action Before COP25 march

“We’re becoming bigger and bigger and our voices have been discovered more and more, but of course that doesn’t translate into political activity,” adolescent climate activist Greta Thunberg stated before heading into some Fridays For Future parade in Madrid.

The rally, which will be expected to attract tens of thousands of young men and women, happens as significant climate talks are continuing in the UN Climate Summit (COP25).

Answering a question by the crowd, Thunberg said climate and societal justice ought to go hand-in-hand.

As stated by the 16-year older, some folks are fearful of change and change is exactly what young men and women want –“that is why they’re attempting to silence us” Thunberg said.

4-week travel

Following a four-week journey between crossing the Atlantic to a catamaran and an overnight train from Lisbon, Greta Thunberg came at the Spanish capital before on Friday.

In only over a year, Thunberg has motivated younger protesters at an international movement demanding activity to impede down the atmospheric warming that scientists say could ultimately undermine the survival of industrial societies.

Stepping off the night train Lusitania in Chamartin train station at the Spanish capital, the 16-year-old Swede finished a hastily arranged trip into a UN conference initially intended in Santiago, Chile.

Thunberg was met by a bunch of reporters but didn’t talk because she left the train.

The Lusitania, that runs every day, is the only direct train connection between Lisbon and Madrid and requires two hours to travel immediately between the capitals.

The yearly summit kicked off Monday with a call in UN chief Antonio Guterres to not function as”generation… which fiddled while the world burnt”.

However, Thunberg claims that the climate discussions are failing.

And declaring, “You’ve stolen my fantasies “