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Serbian President Vucic non-committal about Trump’s Jerusalem embassy Remark

Serbian President Aleksander Vucic appeared somewhat taken aback when the US President announced that Serbia had agreed to transfer its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

Vucic was in the White House last week to consent to some US-brokered bargain normalizing economical ties between Serbia and Kosovo.

The discussions included Serbia moving its Israeli embassy, also Israel, and Kosovo consenting to mutual appreciation.

But when Donald Trump commented about the arrangement to proceed Serbia’s embassy, Vucic seemed puzzled.

The Trump government recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in 2017, moving its embassy there in 2018, and Trump has invited other nations to follow suit.

It is controversial since the Israeli-Palestinian battle remains unresolved, and the Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital city.

Vucic was in Brussels now along with his Kosovo’s prime minister Abdullah Hoti within their continuing discussions between both sides, and discussions about how the two countries’ bids to become EU members are progressing.

The EU however opposes nations shifting their Israeli embassies to Jerusalem.

EU spokesman Peter Stano said the EU anticipates aspiring nations to follow its line of international policy.

He added that the states’ route to the EU isn’t undermined, but should they take decisions that could put to question the overall place of the EU about Jerusalem, it might increase insecurities and concerns.

After leaving these discussions, Euronews requested Vucic to describe the situation about the embassy.

He explained: “Serbia hasn’t opened this chapter yet. But we’re doing our very best to align with EU declarations, with EU settlements as far as it’s possible. But now we follow our interests, naturally.”