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‘Should Not be too Poor’ in Case my Twitter Accounts is hacked: Donald Trump

Reacting after hackers broke into Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s accounts a week and published a flurry of fictitious tweets such as racial slurs, Trump told colleagues that he’s not concerned if his Twitter accounts @realDonaldTrump is endangered.

“I personally trust they aren’t hacking my accounts, but if they do, they aren’t likely to learn a lot greater than what I set out, right? Should not be too awful,” trump told a reporter when asked if he’s worried his Twitter accounts might also be hacked.

In 2017, Trump’s Twitter accounts was deactivated for 11-minute with a disgruntled Twitter client support employee on his final day on the job.

Trump afterwards tweeted that”My Twitter was severely hacked and we’re searching for the perpetrators.”

On August 31, by taking charge of Dorsey’s amount, hackers posted tweets through text messages on his Twitter account.

The micro-blogging platform afterwards said that it procured Dorsey’s accounts that became victim of’SIM swapping’ or’SIM jacking’ in which a cellular amount is moved into a new SIM card.