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Siemens CEO Kaeser scoffs in’Bud smoker’ Following deputy Commended Elon Musk

Last updated on November 9, 2019

Siemens Chief Executive Joe Kaeser lamented Germans who don’t recognize authentic visionaries and rather admire pot smokers that speak about space travel, just days after his deputy commended Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

“Amusing remarks within our nation: whenever a German chief executive orients his firm toward the long run, he’s considered’lofty’ and philosophical’. When a bud smoking colleague at the USA talks about Peterchen’s moon journey, he’s a respected visionary,” Kaeser tweeted,” speaking to a German children’s story about space travel.

Kaeser’s announcement sparked a lively discussion on social networking, together with the Siemens CEO later trying to clarify his remarks.

In a market with a journalist by a company daily, Kaeser stated in a tweet on Saturday there was no demand for rampant speculation and attempts to draw references to Busch’s comment about Musk.

“This isn’t AT ALL about Mr. Busch or Mr. Musk,” Kaeser stated, adding that his goal was to draw focus on entrepreneurial spirit in Germany along with the diminishing significance of German businesses.

Musk triggered a Twitter storm this past year after temporarily smoking bud on a live internet show with comedian Joe Rogan.

In September Siemens encouraged Busch into deputy CEO, placing him in a rod to substitute Kaeser as part of the German technology giant.

Talked about #FutureofMobility, quick installation of automobile charging allowing #electric freedom, innovative manufacturing & aircraft technology. We are proud @Siemens #technology is encouraging Elon’s most exciting fantasies.”