The Story of Simon Leviev

The record ‘The Tinder Swindler’ has revealed Simon, whose confirmed name is Shimon Hayut, as a conman who has tricked ladies on Tinder and took limitless dollars from them. Simon showed himself as an extraordinarily rich person to the youths on Tinder, bamboozled them, and took the cash. Comparably he did with Polina, who is Simon Leviev Ex-Wife. She is a Russian model and entertainer. 

With this, individuals began asking who this woman was, truth be told. The supposed dear of Simon Leviev has now been uncovered. An interesting truth is that since the story’s transport, Leviev has destroyed all his web-based media accounts.

Who is Simon Leviev Wife?

The supposed dear of Simon Leviev is Kate Conlin. An Israeli model, Kate Konlin, had met Simon Leviev on Tinder. She additionally uncovered in a social occasion that Simon reached her on Instagram. She additionally alluded to that Simon had enlightened her beginning and end as for his dull past to Konlin, and they dated solely directly following knowing the surenesses around one another.

She authenticated that Simon concealed nothing from her, and she remembered him resulting to knowing it all. It has besides been addressed that Simon affected Kate Konlin with excessive gifts and, similar to every one of the ladies he bamboozled with on Tinder, Simon Leviev Wife in addition tumble to her desires, and so forth Notwithstanding, in his series moreover

The outcome of ‘The Tinder Swindler’

There are reports that Simon and Konlin have detached their ways since the presence of the story. This is likewise seen as the reason for Simon annihilating his Instagram account, where he had checked Kate Konlin in explicit posts.


Since the presence of the most recent Netflix account, ‘the Tinder Swindler’, Simon Leviev has been trailed by individuals all around the planet. There were demands concerning his life, current status, and widely more.