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Six reasons Bernie Sanders became the Democratic Party front-runner

Our newest NBC News/Marist survey of South Carolina catches each of the different ingredients which could lead to Bernie Sanders wrap up the Democratic nomination in only a month.

You have the minor Democratic leader in South Carolina (Joe Biden) at only 27 percent among most likely South Carolina Democratic primary voters following his fourth place at Iowa and fifth at New Hampshire — considerably lesser than Hillary Clinton’s 74 percent which transported this nation in 2016.

Three, you’ve got one billionaire with no single delegate up to now (Tom Steyer) in 15 percent and paring off support from Biden — after spending a $20 million on the South Carolina airwaves.

Four, you’ve got another billionaire who is not on the ballot in South Carolina (Michael Bloomberg) who proceeds to suck oxygen at the race and who’ll make his next argument look tonight.

And six, you’ve Sanders monitoring Biden by just 4 points in South Carolina and advancing demographically through the plank from 2016 — he is at 20 percent among African Americans in South Carolina after becoming 51% of the Latino vote in Nevada.

Add them up, and you see not just why Sanders is your Democratic Party front-runner and he can put away the Democratic race on Super Tuesday.

Also, you see how he could win in South Carolina, a state he lost by almost 50 points in 2016.

So far as tonight’s discussion goes (more on this below), in case a”Stop Bernie” effort does not get the job done, then it is either quick consolidation or a gradual coronation for Sanders.

Slimming down our South Carolina survey
1 important thing in our NBC News/Marist survey of South Carolina: It was ran Feb. 18-21 – therefore before the Nevada caucuses, that Sanders won by over the usual 2-to-1 margin.

Here are the total numbers among likely Democratic primary voters: Biden 27 percentage, Sanders 24 percentage, Steyer 15 percentage, Buttigieg 9 percentage, Warren 8%, and Klobuchar 5 percentage.

Among probably African-American Democratic primary voters: Biden 35 percentage, Sanders 20 percentage, Steyer 19 percentage, Warren 7 percentage, Buttigieg 4%, Klobuchar 2%.

One of the probably white Democratic primary voters: Sanders 26 percentage, Biden 18 percentage, Buttigieg 17 percentage, Steyer 10 percentage, Warren 9 percentage, and Klobuchar 9 percent.

Also from the survey: 72 percent of Sanders backers say they strongly support the Vermont senator, compared to 61% for Biden’s assistants and 60% for Steyer’s.

Bloomberg’s damage-control TV advertisement on girls
Here is Mike Bloomberg’s latest TV ad containing testimonials from women who’ve worked together with him. Here would be the on-camera remarks out of a series of girls:

“It is important to speak to the men and women who know him .”

“I have been working for Bloomberg for 27 decades.”

“25 decades.

“30 decades.”

“There is nobody I respect more and felt respected by.”

“Mike considers excellence isn’t defined by sex.”

“Mike constructed a civilization that advances girls.”

“He anticipates excellence from everybody. However, he provides the type of service which permits you to be the individual.”

“Mike called to inform me you ought to be proud of everything you have done and your title should be on this particular undertaking.”

“His faith in you. He believes in you’re about constantly showing in doing your very best.”

“I always understood he had my back”

“He had been increased by an extraordinary woman.”

“She supported him along the way, and that is very much part of who he is.”

“Mike supports girls.

The discussion airs on CBS News starting at 8:00 pm ET, and it is co-hosted from the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and Twitter.

Priscilla Thompson reports that Pete Buttigieg is shifting his stump speech to lean to a humility message:”‘ Campaigning is all about humbling yourself,’ he told the audience of approximately 100 people. ‘It is particularly humbling to be requesting the hope of African American voters,” Buttigieg said, representing the importance of a vote’ which has been won through sweat and blood.” All this led him to state, “I understand that if I ask for the vote, I am asking you to trust your own life and your family’s potential to me’ The former mayor went on to talk, in overarching Provisions, his album at South Bend — emphasizing humility.’ I can speak about all the matters that we did together that we are proud of, but now being mayor also is a workout, not only in trust but in humility, ” he explained.’ I had been humbled, again and again from the struggle, and from the intractability of a few of the problems we confronted, realizing that we have a lot more work to do to face the effect of institutional racism.'”

Tweet of this afternoon
Data Download: The amount of the day is… 1,031.61 (roughly 3.56 percent)
1,031.61 points (roughly 3.56 percentage ).

That is down that the Dow Jones Industrial Average slipped yesterday at closing following more coronavirus cases beyond China prompted fear of a worldwide economic downturn.

It had been the worst day for the Dow in just two decades, as investors dumped stocks in favor of resources such as gold.

At this time, U.S. stocks did stage to a prospective rally when markets open Tuesday morning.

The Lid
Do not miss the bunny from yesterday when we slid into the country of this acceptance primary — since Joe Biden is poised to get a significant backer at South Carolina.

ICYMI: News clips you should not miss
Hosni Mubarak has expired.

(He is also heading up in Super Tuesday states.)

Yes, a few Democrats are wringing their hands on the notion of a Sanders nod, but a few from the Senate think he is well equipped to carry on Trump.

Catholic support for Trump is upward, however as a whole, American Catholics still prefer Democrats in 2020, according to another poll.

Many are calling for Democrats not called Sanders or even Biden to fall out. Their answer: Why can I do this?

The White House needs $2.5 billion to combat coronavirus. Democrats state that is inadequate.

Meanwhile, talking of this courtroom, Trump says that he needs Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to recuse themselves in a few instances.

Trump and Indian Prime Minister Modi are favorable, however, that does not signify they’ll shut a trade deal.

Richard Grenell’s paid consulting job before getting the ambassador to Germany comprised a chunk done to get a nonprofit funded almost exclusively from the government, that the Washington Post writes.

2020: Slimming down our new survey
Here is what you want to understand from our newest South Carolina poll.