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Six resign from Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s Employees as Democrat Intends to leave Celebration

Six staff members said Sunday that they’re resigning in the office of Rep. Jeff Van Drew, D-N.J., office over reports he intends to change parties since he opposes impeachment of President Donald Trump.

In a letter to his chief of staff, five of those workers said Van Drew’s conclusion”doesn’t align with the principles we introduced to the job once we combined his workplace.”

The staffers said they honor Van Drew, however” can no longer in good conscience keep our services “

A sixth staffer after verified to NBC News that she’s also leaving his workplace. The team members comprise Van Drew’s legislative director, communications manager, and manager of constituency relations.

The departures were initially reported by Politico.

Cheri Bustos, chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, provided that the staffers work together with the party’s campaign arm till they find new jobs which”align with their values”

The conclusion came following Van Drew voted against going ahead with the impeachment question, stating testimony introduced during House hearings had not persuaded him.

An internal survey conducted for Van Drew this month and obtained by NBC News revealed that only 28% of Democratic respondents stated he deserved to be renominated. Almost 60 percent said somebody else ought to be the party’s nominee.