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Skywatchers wowed by Uncommon’ring of fire’ eclipse

Individuals along with a narrow Group through West Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, India, and the Far East had the Chance of Seeing a ring of Flame eclipse on Sunday.

Annular eclipses, since they are known, occur when the Moon, passing between Earth and the Sun,” isn’t quite near enough to our world to completely obscure sun.

Therefore it leaves a thin ring of light.

Melody Lin, a student in Taiwan, was happy to have observed the phenomenon.

“I am quite excited because the next time it occurs within our little Taiwan will likely be 195 decades. It is such a rare chance. I am quite pleased.”

After arcing eastward across Africa and Asia, it touched”maximum eclipse” using a great solar halo over Uttarakhand in India close to the border with China.

Sunday’s eclipse happened in the northern hemisphere’s longest day of this year – the summer solstice when the North Pole is tilted directly towards Sunlight

Back in Nairobi, East Africa, observers watched just a partial eclipse as clouds blocked the skies for many seconds at the precise moment the Moon must have nearly hidden the Sun.