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Slovakia deputy speaker stands over Hyperlinks to journalist murder Defendant

Martin Glvac, chief of this Bratislava chapter of Fico’s Smer party, is the highest-ranking person to step over connections using politically-connected entrepreneur Marian Kocner, whose extensive reach over the nation has been disclosed from the investigation into the killing.

Last month, authorities completed the first stage of the scenario, seen as an evaluation of Slovak judicial independence. They billed Kocner and others with the murder of Jan Kuciak, who coated corruption from the EU nation, and his fiancee in their house out Bratislava past February.

A fifth person has confessed to easing the killing and left a plea bargain with prosecutors to serve as a witness in the trial.

Revelations of connections between Kocner and safety officials which were subjected during the analysis have contributed to more resignations lately.

Glvac confessed to having understood Kocner but denied any wrongdoing. He explained on Facebook he anticipated other political figures who had had connections with Kocner, such as leaders of several opposition parties, to measure also.

General prosecutor Jaroslav Ciznar last month briefly suspended his predecessor, prosecutor Dobroslav Trnka, following a movie leaked into the Czech site revealed Kocner installing a hidden camera at Trnka’s previous office.

Prosecutors said in August they’d pulled thousands of messages out of Kohner’s telephone, including communication with”agents of state bodies and the justice system”.

Slovak media printed parts of their messages, resulting in resignations of a deputy minister, two prosecutors and a judge.

Even though Fico resigned on the situation this past year, his judgment three-party coalition has lived, headed by his left-wing successor Peter Pellegrini. The situation could have a significant influence in a general election scheduled for February 29.