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Slovakia’s anti-corruption Resistance party wins parliamentary election

The party captured 25 percent of the vote and 53 seats in the 150-seat parliament at a movement that steered the nation into the right, based on almost complete results published by the Statistics Office.

From the 2016 election, the leftist party gained a 28.3percent of those votes after campaigning within an anti-migrant ticket.

This time, the SMER-SD celebration was second with 18.3%, winning them around 38 chairs.

“Following Ján Kuciak’s murder, a huge breakthrough happened in a component of society.

“This murder may be listed in Slovak history as a turning point. At precisely the same time, it helped to completely find the interconnection of clientelistic and mafia structures together with the greatest political figures. These details are shown to the general public.”

Regular People chairman Igor Matovič told Euronews he needs to”create collectively the top government in the history of Slovakia”.

“The top one, without a corruption. I expect it will be a government for all of the individuals in Slovakia not only for the wealthy ones”, he explained.

In what is a further setback for SMER, both present coalition partners, the ultra-nationalist Slovak National Party and a celebration of ethnic Hungarians, seemed as though they would not win any seats.

Pro-western Matovič, 46, has made fighting corruption and assaulting Fico the fundamental tenet of the campaign. His party was operating within an anti-corruption platform.

Since the president traditionally asks the election winner to attempt and make a government, he’s the likeliest candidate for prime minister. Matovič is anticipated to govern together with all the pro-business Freedom and Solidarity celebration that made 6.2percent (13 seats) and the conservative For Folks established by former President Andrej Kiska that ended with 5.8percent (12 chairs ).

Though the three could have a bulk with 78 seats, Matovič stated he wants to rule with Le Pen’s ally, We’re Family, a populist right pair that placed third with 8.2percent or 17 chairs.

“I want to assure everyone that there is nothing to be worried about,” he explained. “We are not here to combat cultural wars”

It is difficult to gauge whether their venture can endure the entire four-year term.

An intense far-right celebration whose members utilize Nazi salutes and that needs Slovakia from the European Union and NATO became the fourth hottest party in the nation of just under 5.5 million with 8 percent and 17 chairs.

The far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia currently gained 8 percent and 14 seats in parliament in 2016.