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Sonam Kapoor details’Wildest experience’ she’s on Uber London:’I’m super shaken’

Actor Sonam Kapoor took to Twitter to discuss details of a terrible experience she had throughout an Uber cab ride in London and said she left her’shaken’. She wrote: “Hey guys I have had the wildest encounter with @Uberlondon. Please be careful. The very best and safest would be simply to use the regional public transport or cabs. I am super shaken.”

She went on to provide details of what precisely occurred. She wrote the way the motorist” was shaky and was crying and crying. She continued that she strove to whine through Uber’s program but nothing seemed to work. She wrote: “I attempted complaining in your program, and only got multiple responses that are disconnected by spiders. You guys will need to upgrade your system. The harm is done. There’s not anything more you can perform.”

Just a few days back, Sonam had whined about her bad experience with global airlines, who dropped her bag. She’d written: “Here is the third time I’ve traveled @British_Airways this month and the next time they have dropped my luggage. I believe I have learned my lesson. The airline’s employees got back to her with an apology and wrote: “We are likely to hear about the delay in your bag, Sonam. Have you ever been provided with a tracking reference when educated in the airport?”

The celebrity was a trolled article for being jobless. She got them back with a fitting answer. She stated that her’privilege’ came from’our parent’s hard work’ and people should cease’shaming their kids and their parents because of it’.

The movie, according to a publication by Anuja Chauhan of the same title, tells the story of a marketing executive who discovers herself at a place after she becomes the fantastic luck charm for the Indian Cricket Team.